Financial Goal
About Financial Goal

Our financial goal is mainly based on “maximizing gross profit” to keep the business running.

About TS Cloud
About About TS Cloud

TS Cloud Consultancy is a company founded by a Japanese man in Taiwan. As it entered its 11th year in late 2018, the company’s business structure was changed and renamed TS Cloud Pte. Ltd. Taipei Branch to expand the business internationally.

Core Services
About Core Services

Our services focus on Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. In addition, we develop and sell SaaS products working with Google. Our services are mainly provided in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Core Values
About Core Values

Since the company’s inception, “always in a reasonable state” has been the important principle I have adhered to this day in order to avoid a sense of regret for judgments made in an irrational state. So what is meant by “reasonable state”?