The Management Team’s Perspective: Cloudification

Why Should Companies Undergo Cloudification?

The Era of the M-Shaped Society Is on the Rise

In the era of technology, all companies will be “M-shaped” in the future. One end will benefit from the use of new technological tools, so even low total working hours of the company will not affect its profitability (e.g., the company can make money stably even if employees work a three-day week); the other end depends on working hours. Turnover is determined by total working hours, which must be constantly increased in order to be able to increase turnover. There will be fewer mid-market companies, and the key to determining the end of the business is whether it can optimize the use of technological tools to help the business make more profit.

Aside from the “importance of using technological tools” being more prominent due to the pandemic, the declining birthrate will also lead to a shortage of workers. For companies that “rely on labor hours for revenue,” the future social environment can only become increasingly unfavorable.

Reducing Labor Costs With the Help of Technology

We position our service as “supporting the use of IT for businesses”. Experience has shown that Google Cloud is the easiest way to optimize the use of IT. Therefore, our role serves as a bridge to connect businesses with Google services.

The reason Google Cloud can maximize the use of IT is that its services and technologies can help businesses reduce staff time spent on routine work and the time spent on manual work. Once implemented, it can replace the personnel who were originally engaged in the process. When it comes to knowledge workers, they can save the time they originally spent on these routine tasks and spend their time on tasks that add value to the business and improve overall productivity and profitability without relying on labor hours.

*The “staff engaged only in routine tasks” mentioned above does not refer to blue or white collar workers, but to a small number of employees who just go to work and update paperwork on a daily basis (e.g., copy-paste work).


To Help Companies Take Advantage of It, We Offer Solutions That Can Reduce Labor Costs and Increase Labor Productivity.

Cloud Productivity Suites

Cloud Productivity Suites

To enable knowledge workers to work effectively, a “Partial Implementation” service is offered if not all employees need to use Cloud on the initial stage.

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Cloud Workflow Application

Cloud Workflow Application

Manual copying, pasting and sorting of data is routinely handled by applications, eliminating the need for workers to perform mundane tasks.

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Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System

You can call anywhere with your company number, with no hardware restrictions, and answer instantly as long as there’s internet.

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