Assisting SMEs to migrate
businesses to Cloud

Step 1 to Cloud : Re-Location

Moving Basic Office Tools to Cloud

Upgrade daily use office suites to cloud environment - Google G Suite.

We assist in the migration process from your current system to G Suite from pre-deployment to go-live.

Moving office tools to Cloud

You can save maintenance cost for the on-premise infrastructure, work securely and productively at anywhere, anytime from any devices on cloud.

Step 2: Extension

Migrate Workflow Applications to Cloud

Deploy extensive functionalities to keep your employees connected and productive, regardless of where they are working. The ability to communicate and share via the cloud can enhance the quality of work produced.

We help the companies to develop the application of CRM, dashboard for reporting and analysis which form an automated business workflow.

Migrating  the whole business to Cloud

Systemize your daily work with cloud applications by subscribing SaaS that suits your business needs; able to gather data from multiple sources easily and utilize it in various forms.

Step 3 to Cloud: Optimization

Work Effortless with Cloud

The advantage of Google: open to integrate with other systems easily using API which able to automate the business process and reduce labor cost.

We help you to connect Google Cloud with various SaaS platforms through API and provides automated solutions.

Lessening your loud with cloud technology

Accessible to the data that was not visible to you before, giving you more supports in decision making; through API integration, the workflow of data input can be automated.

About TS Cloud

TS Cloud is a Google Cloud Premier Partner which is officially certified by Google. Our mission is to assist more SMEs companies in migrating to cloud technology for increasing their work productivity and competitiveness. We have successfully helped over 2,000 companies to implement G Suite since our establishment in Taiwan back in 2007 and expanded business to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Google also has certified a Google Cloud Partner “Work Transformation” Specialization to TS Cloud. “Work Transformation” is the category that is at a professional level that could assist the companies or customers professionally. We will continue assist you along the business transformation journey with our technical expertise and 12 year of rich experiences on importing G Suite.

Google Cloud Premier PartnerGoogle Cloud
Premier Partner

Specialization in Work TransformationGoogle Cloud Partner

Grow with Google

Be in the future of cloud technology and grow stronger.

We care about how you can expand your business, increase opportunities and company's competitiveness with cloud technology. We also provide - a series of free Google Cloud learning opportunities, enabling all sectors and industries to upgrade relevant skill sets in order to achieve company's goals.

The program is divided into the first AI, the first digital marketing (Google Adwords), and a new operating model (G Suite).

Let us take you to grow together in this era of Cloud technology


To have a better understanding about the products and the whole process of migrating to cloud.

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