2021.09.07 / Benefit

Company Benefits

Company Benefits

Refer the below benefits of TS Cloud:


  • Attendance Allowance
    Regular attendance and punctuality are vital attributes for all employees. You are entitled to get RM200/month if sick leave or unpaid leave is not taken.
  • Parking Allowance
    Can be claimed with receipts.
  • Toll Allowance
    Only for staff from the mainland, entitled for RM140/month.
  • Food Allowance
    Grab Food voucher of RM500/Quarter.
  • Business Trip Allowance
    An allowance of RM130/day is given when employees are needed to go on a business trip. You can also claim accommodation and transport expenses with a receipt.
  • Reskilling & Upskilling Subsidy
    The company will bear the training cost and may provide salary increments based on the employee performance.


  • Birthday Leave
    All employees are entitled to Birthday Leave. A paid day off will be given for you to celebrate your day with your friends and family!
  • Project Leave
    The Project level employees are entitled to get one day paid leave after each project completion as a reward.
  • Honeymoon Leave
    Start your marriage life with 5 days of paid leave entitlement after your register of marriage (ROM).

Additional Benefits

  • Vision, Dental, Health Checkup Allowances
    Company provides RM3,500/Year without amount limitation for each wellness.
  • Company Trip
    Work hard, play hard! The company trip is organized based on performance evaluations. We have been to Guam (2017), Palau (2019), Hualien (2020), and Japan (2022).
  • Gatherings
    Team lunches are part of our work culture. Employees are free to participate or choose not to. The meal cost is covered by the company.
  • Snacks Corner
    Tasty snacks, chocolates, drinks, and other foods are stocked to keep your tummy happy. Share your favorite snacks and we will place them in our snacks corner!😉