2021.09.03 / Environment

Work Culture

Work Culture

Our work culture may be different from that of some companies. During working hours we do not spend time on personal matters such as swiping on your phone, online shopping etc. We hope that all employees can focus on work during working hours.

Things we consider reasonable: devote oneself to work, do the assigned tasks, do not get distracted by personal matters, do the work before it is due, and leave work on time. Therefore, there will be no non-work related conversations or pep talks during work hours as we are all 100% focused on completing our assigned tasks.

Therefore, we will not be distracted by personal matters during work hours, nor will we be constantly looking at our phones. Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram should be avoided, as completing assigned tasks should be a top priority. Of course, there will be no online group purchases during work hours.

Everyone starts work at nine, switches into work mode as soon as lunch is over, and focuses on work until quitting time. Plus, everyone has the same idea about staying focused and on target. No one likes to be influenced by small talk or gossip while working hard on a task. We provide a comfortable work environment where everyone can be productive. So if you fit our work environment, we welcome you to join our team.

If you do not like being restricted at work, wanting to pick up your cell phone to make personal calls and text messages, or talk about personal things with colleagues while you work, you may feel bored working in this type of work atmosphere. If this is the case, it is not recommended to work in our company.

Of course, the above refers to working hours, and there will be no interference during lunch breaks or other personal times of employees.