2019.12.25 / Staff

Customer Success Specialist:Arulmary Jesuraja

Customer Success Specialist:Arulmary Jesuraja

I personally think that TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. not just a place for work but also a platform of self-development for knowledge seekers.

What was your job before joining TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd.?

Before I joined TS Cloud, I was doing my internship at one of the Hotels in Penang and my job designation was Front Office Personnel and Food and Beverage Serving Personnel.

At the outset, I have gained most of my working experiences in Hotel Industry while I was pursuing my degree in Hospitality Management. I have established a capability in customer service not just academically but also practically.

After completing my internship, I was seeking for an office job that could provide a career growth for my life. Ultimately, I found TS Cloud a new company in quest of expanding its business in Malaysia and was looking for employees who could grow together with them. After much thought and consideration, I took this job as my choice for a career growth.

What do you think of TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. after joining?

After several rounds of interviews with the Executive Team of TS Cloud, I was invited to join the company. Based on my previous experience in customer service, I imagined my new role as Customer Success Specialist would be similar to my previous job in a hotel.

However, it turns out to be very challenging because I am now a part of the fast-moving ecosystem that was built by the tech giant Google. I not only have to handle customer needs and sell G Suite product, but also have to perform other administrative side tasks which requires you to think by yourself while allowing you to fail.

Even though I was not experienced with the IT field, luckily I had senior colleagues to guide me through this fast-paced industry while helping me build my knowledge base along the way. In addition, our boss would assign reading materials from time to time to help us grow faster. I personally think that TS Cloud not just a place for work but also a platform of self-development for knowledge seekers.

What is your job scope?

My job designation as Customer Success Specialist is to deal with the new leads that has come to TS Cloud from digital marketing where outbound call is not required in our daily operation. Then, helping the customers to go Google for a better business email system as well as a suite of office apps that would be handy in their work routine.

Besides, being able to apply my knowledge of G Suite to help customers make the decision and walk them through the whole change management procedure really gives me a sense of accomplishment. After every successful deal, providing consistent customer support and keep a good relationship with my customers for as long as possible is the last part of my job.

My ancillary role in Human Resources has also enhanced my knowledge in Malaysian Employees Law of peculiar contents.

What do you think about this company?

For me, TS Cloud is a place that can equip with not just the necessary skills that your position requires but also a place where you can learn a lot about information technology which will become the foundation for your growth. A highly concentrated 8-hour of work will train you of time management. You will learn how to prioritize your tasks during the working time.

What advice would you give to those who would join TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. in future?

Are you a person who loves to challenge yourself with ambitious tasks rather than doing routine jobs that repeat day after day? If so, I would suggest TS Cloud to you! Join this company will put yourself on a career growth ladder as long as you are willing to learn. If you are the one, be a part of the team and enjoy the adventurous ride with us.