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Are You Struggling Your First Step Towards Digital Transformation?

As a result of the pandemic, Digital Transformation has become one of the most essential changes that is sought by small and medium-sized businesses. Your company may be one of them to look for changes, but you may be clueless about where to start, or you may have already implemented Google services but you are doubtful if it is bringing full benefits to your company.

Let Us Be The Answer!

TS Cloud is recognized as the Google Cloud Partner specializing in ‘Work Transformation’. With us, you can worry-free that things are possible to do even without your IT employees. Let us be the bridge for your company’s technical gap and help you master modern technologies while reducing operating costs. Do it faster and even better than before!

Steps Towards Goal Achievement

Digital Transformation cannot happen overnight. Starting from the initial assessment, we will provide exclusive guidance by adapting the principal of the best solutions that suits your needs and ensure to make a gradual transformation to achieve your ultimate goal!

Step 1 Cloudification of Office Tools

Begin by changing the traditional document processing software, email, or phone system to a cloud office software that is no longer obligated to high maintenance costs. Digital Transformation starts by eliminating the self-hosted server!💪

Cloud-Based Email SystemCloud-Based Email System

Cloud-Based Phone SystemCloud-Based Phone System

Step 2 Work on Cloud

Choose appropriate cloud service products according to the processes and needs of each department, such as a sales CRM system, and to grow your business.🚀

Step 3 Data Integration/Automation

Simplify and integrate systems by using API to connect to different platforms, increase automation processes, and save internal labor costs by eliminating repetitive tasks.⚙

Workflow AutomationWorkflow Automation