Still Working Behind Firewall?!

Once, firewall were useful for certain attacks. Now, the traditional firewall software no longer provides meaningful security. Although the development trend of cloud computing and smart phones, this concept remains in certain companies. Due to the current pandemic situation, there has been a dangerous turnaround (reversal phenomenon) in the firewall. Companies that have moved their businesses to the cloud can continue operating the business as usual even though they are working from home. However, those companies that set up their office environment within a firewall can only choose using a VPN connection or forcing employees to work in the office.


Cloud Computing for Business Sustainability

Internet: Bracing for Terrorism

Internet: Bracing for Terrorism

The Internet was born due to destruction of military communications caused by terrorism, thus, "Distributed Internet System" is created as message can be sent via network transmission. With this, information is easily accessible even when communications are partially or temporarily interrupted due to flood, earthquakes, or man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks.

Cloud: Access Anywhere

Cloud: Access Anywhere

Applications without requiring a specific server and software installation can be called as cloud environment. Since the data is stored in the cloud, the company can continue operating the business as usual, even if employees are required to work from home due to pandemic, riots, or the company’s equipment is not ready.

ecurity: Google's Priority

Security: Google's Priority

Google has data centers in more than 35 countries and scattered around 130 regions, providing the safest and fastest 24/7 service throughout the year. Users need not worry about power outages, theft, or even attacks from state-support intruders in the server room of your company.

Work from Home Solution: Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a suite of web applications created by Google for businesses. Google Workspace has a lot of features which able to provide a tighter integration between the core applications, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Calendar and Meet, particularly in collaboration. Feels troublesome to carry a pendrive or hard disk with you? With cloud storage, your data is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device, and any company able to get started with working from home starting from RM 240/user/year.

Various Features Provided to Complete Your Daily Work Easily

Custom Business EmailCustom Business Email

Spam-free and ad-free; safely store important data while centrally managing all accounts.


All users are eligible to 30GB storage; files shared are accessible via PC and mobile devices.


Secured video and voice conferencing; accessible via any device without prior apps installation.


Integrated online team calendar.


Secured internal communication platform.


Word proccessing collaboration tool for team.


Frictionless collaboration and information sharing.


Create surveys and forms easily.


Presentation builder.


Create websites easily.


Jot down ideas and make lists easily.

Apps ScriptApps Script

Automate your workflows.

Admin ConsoleAdmin Console

Make setup and management fast and easy.

Endpoint ManagementEndpoint Management

Manage endpoints from one place.


Internal enterprise communication.

Cloud SearchCloud Search

Get the information you need quickly, and securely.


Data retention and eDiscovery function.

Work Insights工作狀況剖析Work Insights

Track Google Workspace deployment progress.

We Finish All Configuration Remotely!

As we are cloud service provider, we can handle the consultation, activation settings, and even after-sales supports via online. Google Workspace specialists and engineers with professional license cooperate with each other to help customers establish a cloud computing environment.


Let Us Provide Full Support to Reduce Your Hassle

About TS Cloud

We are Google Cloud Premier Partner which is officially certified by Google. Our mission is to assist SME companies in migrating to cloud for increasing work productivity and competitiveness. We have successfully helped over 2,000 companies to implement Google Workspace since our establishment in Taiwan back in 2007 and expanded to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Google also certified us as Google Cloud Partner “Work Transformation” Specialization as we have the technical expertise and 12 years of rich experiences is implementing business transformation to Google Workspace.

Google Cloud 菁英合作夥伴Google Cloud
Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner工作模式轉型認證Work Transformation Specialization


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