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In order to make users feel more at ease and experience G Suite burden-free, we provide the following G Suite Enterprise Yearly Support Package, which allows you to enjoy operational and configurational technical support resources in addition to using G Suite.

Enterprise-level G Suite Support for our customers

Technical Support Hotline

If you encounter any configurational or operational issues while using G Suite, you can call or email TS Cloud for help. We will have dedicated representatives who can immediately help you solve the G Suite setup and operation issues.

Customer looking for G Suite support from a friendly TS Cloud specialist who is helping customers with G Suite issues.

Emergency Email

When an anomaly with G Suite or other services occurs, our dedicated representatives will notify the person-in-charge of each company via email, informing them of the problem and saving time and trouble to enquire in-person.

Emergency email is included in our G Suite support package which will be sent out to customer admins when there are any G Suite issues.

Weekly Newsletter

As G Suite continues to evolve, we will organize the official G Suite updates and send them to your mailbox weekly. From system update to feature enhancement, or a new feature release, you will get it first hand.

Customers receive weekly newsletter about the latest updates of G Suite.

Shared Contact List

Even if your previous email system contains many shared contacts, you can take advantage of our free shared contact list after migrating to G Suite (Gmail for Business) in order to add shared contacts. Our easy-to-understand instructions facilitate smooth update of your company’s future shared contacts.

Use the free shared contact list tool for adding shared email addresses for your organization.


Special price for TS Cloud customers only


Original price RM40/yr/user

The G Suite Enterprise Support Package comes with your G Suite contract at no extra cost throughout the entire contract period. Here at TS Cloud, we don’t just sell G Suite license but also give you a piece of mind with our thoughtful services.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we don’t know how to use G Suite, what assistance do you provide?

If you encounter any configurational or operational issues while using G Suite, you can call or email TS Cloud during office hours. If you would like to shorten self-learning time after implementation, you can also choose to purchase our G Suite Training Course.

If we don’t know how to use G Suite, can you directly sign in to our Admin console and set it up for us?

We provide online technical support consultation. If you have any difficulty in operating your Admin console, we can assist you via phone or email. We are unfortunately unable to directly sign in to your company’s Admin console to make any changes. If you wish to have a dedicated representative execute setup and changes, you can choose to purchase our G Suite Management Service.


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