IP Restriction and SSO

Available functions of IP Restrictions and SSO.

Access Control and Device Management Solution – CloudCode

Google’s G Suite allow its uses to access it anytime, anywhere, and any device. While Google continues to add new services to the G Suite, there are certain functionalities that some companies may require for specific reasons. These may run against the core concepts of G Suite but nevertheless can be complemented by solutions from third-party vendors.

The “Anytime, Anywhere, Any device” concept advocated by Google is indeed very convenient for users. However, its also the reason why companies with higher security requirements are not adopting G Suite. CloudCode is a third party vendor providing access control and device management solutions that G Suite does not currently offer. Large enterprises should consider their solutions when deciding to adopt G Suite.

CloudCode Features (1 of 3): Access Control

CloudCode Features (1 of 3): Access Control

IP Restriction

Administrators can set rules to control which IP locations can access corporate data to ensure valuable information is available to trusted IP addresses

  • Administrators can choose to apply rules to specific individuals, groups, or entire organizations.
  • Rules can be set in different levels, allowing flexible management.
  • Pre-defined IP locations where a user log in from.
  • No firewall or installations required
  • Easy policy settings

Introduction to advanced access control functions

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CloudCode Features (2 of 3): Access Control

Single Sign On

Single Sign On

CloudCode’s SSO solution enables users in the enterprise to log in to all cloud applications in the enterprise with a single set of credentials, which not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures the security of corporate data. Users can also be logged in through different mobile devices. In addition to establish various password policies such as length and strength limits, Multi-factor Authentication can also be used to ensure that only authorized users can access confidential information.

Advanced SSO functions

Source of Pictures: CloudCodes

Features and Pricing Comparison

  Basic Edition Advanced Edition
RM40/ year / User RM120/ year / User
Access Control
IP Restriction V V
Device Restriction V
Geo Location V
Time Restriction V
Browser Restriction V
SSO + Identity management
SSO with Unlimited Cloud Apps [SAML Based] V V
Password Policy V
Self Password Reset V
Agreement V
Announcements V

Apart from the above, CloudCode offers customized SSO, access control to personal Gmail accounts, improved Shadow IT and other features that enhance G Suite. For more information, please contact our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a limitation on the number of administrators?

No. You may appoint as many admins as you want according to your need.

How is the fee calculated for users that are added later?

The additional licenses purchased after the initial commitment are prorated. You’re billed monthly for a portion of your annual commitment for RM5 per month. Rates are applied to each month or part thereof.


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