G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

Got no ITs or MIS personnel in your company? ITs have no time to explore the G Suite Admin Console? Don’t worry, we can be your G Suite Admin and perform administrative jobs from the G Suite Admin Console for you. Whether it’s adding new users, setting up forwarding rules, or creating black and white list, we will get the job done right upon notification.

3 benefits of using G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

G Suite Admin Console Managed Service will save you 90% of IT personnel cost on Gmail manage

Save 90% of MIS personnel costs

The average monthly salary of an IT admin is RM5,000. For small businesses, it is not an affordable price. Through our G Suite Managed Service, for as low as RM115 per month, you can have a whole team of professionals as your G Suite Admins and perform administrative jobs for you from the G Suite Admin Console.

TS Cloud team will be your G Suite admins and solve any problem whenever it happens

Solve problem directly for you whenever it happens

Whenever there’s a problem occur such as a Gmail manage issue or having a personnel change, you don’t need to login to the G Suite Admin Console and find the right place to do the right settings anymore. Just call or email us and a pro from our team will do it right away from the G Suite Admin Console so you don’t even have to raise a finger.

Let a pro team manage G Suite Admin Console can reduce unwanted mistakes and even strengthen Gmail manage security by 40%

Zero risk and strengthen security by 40%

By handing it over to the G Suite expert to operate the G Suite Admin Console, you can avoid 80% of operational mistakes. In addition, some advanced settings of the G Suite Admin Console, such as setting up email blacklist and whitelist, setting up security policies for passwords can also be done by us therefore effectively improve the overall level of G Suite security by 40%.

G Suite Admin Console managed by certified pros

As a long-time Google partner, we have more than 10 years of experience in this area. With the knowledge and skill, we have assisted more than a thousand companies ‘go G Suite’ with a contract renewal rate of 95%. You can trust us for managing G Suite as we are familiar with the G Suite Admin Console and every features. We can also perform administrative tasks according to your requirements or even perform advanced settings for security enhancement.

TS Cloud is a professionally certified team of many years of experience in the operation of the G Suite Admin Console and Gmail manage

Service scope of G Suite Admin Console Managed Service

G Suite Admin Console Managed Service Pricing

RM110+(no. of accounts xRM5) /mth

The price for G Suite Admin Console Managed Service has a base charge of RM110 per month. On top of the base charge, a capitation fee will also be charged at RM5 per user per month. Therefore, the total cost will vary according to the number of G Suite licenses your company purchases.

We will only charge the capitation fee once at the initial commitment, we will not charge you extra for additional licences added during the first contract period.
*G Suite Admin Console Managed Service is limited to TS Cloud customers that have purchased G Suite licenses from us. The G Suite Admin Console Managed Service cannot be purchased alone by non-TS Cloud customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have a problem with G Suite, would you send someone to our company to handle it?

Because G Suite is a cloud-based service and its technology is very mature, if you have problems with the operation, we can assist you remotely.

If our company has an urgent requirement that needs your assistance, is your team able to handle it in a timely manner?

As long as it is working hours, whether it is a phone call or email, you can contact the specialist to assist you. If you choose to contact by email, you can get a reply within 24 hours.

If I have already purchased a G Suite account, can I purchase the G Suite Managed Service midway through the contract period?

Yes, you can purchase the G Suite Managed Service at any time during the contract period. If you have the need, please feel free to contact your G Suite service specialist.


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