What is Google Vault? Introduction of the Benefits, Features, and Price

Google Vault is one of the features of Google Workspace. This article will introduce the features, functions, advantages, and price of Google Workspace, and explain the function of Vault in each Google Workspace edition

Google Vault Can Reduce Corporate Legal Risks

The Vault is an information governance and eDiscovery tool for Google Workspace, which can retain, hold, search, and export users’ Google Workspace data related to a specific eDiscovery project, such as a litigation case or investigation. The content of Chat with colleagues, the recording of Meet, the files stored in Drive, and the schedule on Calendar can be recorded, and the data can be retrieved for viewing at any time.

When encountering a judgment that is unfavorable to the company, the electronic record of Drive can be retrieved and provided for judgment if they have a Google Workspace license and a Vault license. Google Vault is an important tool to support a company’s archiving needs as set forth by corporate policy and legal requirements.

Please refer to the table below for the edition that includes Google Vault.

Google Vault is only available in Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus.

 Google Vault
Free Personal GmailX
Business StarterX
Business StandardX
Business PlusV
Enterprise EssentialsX
Enterprise StandardV
Enterprise PlusV

Google Vault Features and Functions

Authorized users can hold, search, and export your organization’s Google Workspace data in Vault that is related to a specific eDiscovery project, such as a litigation case or investigation. Please refer to the description below for the function and usage of the Vault.


During litigation, various electronic records that are related to the lawsuit will be preserved as long as you need them. If your organization is required to preserve data for a set time, you can configure Vault to retain it and the company can fulfill the legal and data integrity obligations. Data remains available to Vault even when users delete it and empty their trash.


You can search your organization’s Google Workspace data when necessary. If you search accounts or an organizational unit, you may enter the search parameters (e.g. date, keywords, etc) to retrieve the valuable information. Please refer to the steps below for retrieving the data.

1. Log in to Google Vault
2. Create a matter.
3. Search for data by entering your search parameters
4. Preview your results.
5. Save your search query


If you have found the required mails and files through the “Search” function of Google Vault, you can export the search results for additional review. After using the “Export” function, the following data can be obtained.

● A comprehensive copy of all the data that matches your search criteria
● The metadata you need to link the exported data to individual users in your organization
● The corroborating information is required to prove that the exported data matches the data stored on Google’s servers.

Audit Report

Vault provides a complete audit log of the user activity, including when users created or edited retention rules, performed searches, or exported data. An authorized Vault user is given the right to access the Vault. Please refer to the following usage method.

1.Sign in to Vault, click “Reports” to start the audit.
2. Select a date range.
3. Enter the email addresses of the Vault users whose actions you want to audit.
4. Select what types of Vault user actions you want to audit
5. Click Download CSV. A CSV file that contains audit information is downloaded to your device.

You may also preview the CVS file via a spreadsheet, such as Google Sheets. The audit report can be kept as a record for the organization. Actions in audit reports can’t be deleted or truncated by Google or by any Vault administrator or user as long as your organization continues to use Vault. If your organization terminates its Vault service, audit data is deleted after approximately 30 days.

Benefits of using Google Vault

Process the public electronic record request from the court

Google Vault allows companies involved in litigation to be prepared for emergencies and keep all communications between employees. When there is a request from the court to disclose electronic records, you can quickly submit the required information through the Vault, which is the biggest advantage of using Vault.

Avoid risks without spending a lot of money

Since Vault is included in the Google Workspace Business Plus and the higher editions, it is possible to collect electronic records at a relatively cheap price. When deciding on the Google Workspace edition, you may choose the edition that comes with Vault as there is no additional cost when using it.

Routine maintenance is not required

Since Google Vault is a cloud-based service, there is no need to download or install additional software when using it. In addition, maintenance, management, and other tasks are all performed by Google. After the setup, users do not need to perform routine maintenance, which is also one of the benefits. Therefore, users can use the Vault without worrying about maintenance.

Price of Google Vault

As mentioned earlier, Google Vault is included in Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus. Hence, there is no additional charge.

In addition, all users under the same organization’s domain must use the same edition Thus, if you would like to use Vault, you may subscribe to Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, or Enterprise Plus. Please note that you’re not allowed to purchase Google Vault separately.

Choose the Edition that contains Google Vault

Google Vault is not included in Business Starter, Business Standard, and Enterprise Essentials. However, it is included in Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus versions. You can use a relatively low price for eDiscovery and no complicated settings or routine maintenance is required.

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