G Suite Malaysia Pricing Guide for 2020

G Suite Malaysia Pricing Guide for 2020

G Suite Malaysia Pricing Guide for 2020

Since Google announced the new pricing plan for G Suite last year, the price for the Basic Edition has become US$72/user/year. In consideration of the difference in purchasing power in different markets, a ‘discounted price’ is given to some markets for a certain period of time. Malaysia is one of the countries to enjoy such discounts. Businesses of Malaysia are able to purchase G Suite at just US$64.8/user/year.

Digital Tax

Starting from 1 January 2020, a digital tax should be imposed on foreign digital service providers with a defined tax rate of 6%. Therefore, Google recently announced that they will be charging this tax for their G Suite services.

When the discount period is over

The discount period for the Malaysia market will end on 31 March 2020. After that, the new price (without any regional discount) will apply as well as the 6% digital tax.

For any content that goes into Gmail, OSecure email audit for G Suite will effectively block confidential data from leaking out.

Changes of the G Suite price in Malaysia

Until April 1, 2019
December 2019
After Digital Tax
From January 2020
List price + Digital Tax
After April 2020
Basic 60 64.8 68.69 76.32
Business 120 122.4 129.74 152.64

What can you do as a customer?

By signing an annual contract with TS Cloud before 31 December 2019, prospect users or current G Suite users can avoid loss caused by the digital tax charges as well as the termination of the discount period. The total amount saved from doing so depends on the number of users and the G Suite edition that you use in your company. Let’s say if you are on the Basic edition and have 100 users, you can save up to US$1,152, which is approximately 4,796 in Malaysia Ringgit.

Google G Suite Annual Contract

If you are considering changing your G Suite contract or purchasing G Suite before 31 Dec 2019, contact us via the contact form below. We will send a quote and the contract to your inbox as soon as possible.

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