What is Google Workspace?

Google announced a significant new changes to its productivity suite of office apps on 6 October 2020, rebranding G Suite with a new name. In this time, more advanced features are added and tighter integration are provided between the core applications of G Suite, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Calendar and Meet, particularly in collaboration.A broader range of pricing options is provided to cater different needs from different sized companies.

Google Workspace

Comparison of G Suite and Google Workspace

What are the features of Google Workspace?

Key Features:

Custom Business EmailCustom Business Email

Spam-free and ad-free; safely store important data while centrally managing all accounts.


All users are eligible to 30GB storage; files shared are accessible via PC and mobile devices.


Secured video and voice conferencing; accessible via any device without prior apps installation.


Integrated online team calendar.


Secured internal communication platform.


Word proccessing collaboration tool for team.


Frictionless collaboration and information sharing.


Create surveys and forms easily.


Presentation builder.


Create websites easily.


Jot down ideas and make lists easily.

Apps ScriptApps Script

Automate your workflows.

Admin ConsoleAdmin Console

Make setup and management fast and easy.

Endpoint ManagementEndpoint Management

Manage endpoints from one place.


Internal enterprise communication.

Cloud SearchCloud Search

Get the information you need quickly, easily and securely.

Google VaultGoogle Vault

Data retention and eDiscovery function.

Work InsightsWork Insights

Track deployment progress of the users.

How many editions does Google Workspace have?

Currently, there are six editions available. Check out the storage, pricing and differences of each edition as follows.

Price USD$6/mth USD$12/mth USD$18/mth USD$10/mth USD$20/mth USD$30/mth
Users Limit 300 300 300 X X X
Gmail V V V X V V
Storage 30GB 2TB* 5TB* 1TB 5TB* 5TB*
Official Support 8/5 24/5 24/5 24/7 24/7 24/7
Cloud Search X V V X V V
Vault X X V X V V
Shared Drive X V V V V V
Suitable For Basic needs for cloud-based office tools Teams & departments High security needs Users who wants to have more than just an email Advanced enterprise controls & customization needs Top security needs

*Requires 5 or more users. (1 TB if 4 or fewer users)

Google Workspace Selection Guide

How to purchase Google Workspace?

You may purchase from:
1. Google official websites via credit card.
2. Google Workspace reseller in Malaysia.

Price US$72/Yr RM240/Yr
Service Charge 6% 6%
Consultation No Yes, Free
Customer Service English English,
Payment Method Credit Card Online Banking
DNS Configuration No Available
Training Courses No Available

Difference between Purchase from
Google Workspace Reseller & Google

What is the cost of Google Workspace?

The promotion is different in each country from time to time. Currently, promotion available in Malaysia is applicable to the first 20 accounts. For purchasing with large number of accounts, you may get a better price through TS Cloud.

TS Cloud Google Workspace Promotion

Edition New Customer Renewal/ Transfer Customer
RM240 RM300
RM480 RM600
RM900 RM900
RM498 RM498
RM995 RM995
RM1,490 RM1,490

*Yr/ User

Google Workspace Pricing

How to apply Google Workspace?

You may apply from:
1. Google's official website
2. Google reseller
Applying from Google, you'll need to pay via credit card, conduct initial setup and DNS settings by your own. If you would like to purchase from TS Cloud, we have the services to activate the Google Workspace just within 3 days.

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Can I get Google Workspace for free?

TS Cloud provides a 30-days Free Trial of your preferred Google Workspace Edition. This is applicable only for new Google Workspace customers. You may explore all the features of Google Workspace, including business email, Google Meet, cloud storage and many more. Click on the below link to apply Free Trial now.

Get your 30-days Free Trial

How to Implement Google Workspace?

Small companies usually will start using Google Workspace faster as compared to medium or large enterprises due to simple staffs management; they can choose to implement by themselves or purchase DNS Configuration service from TS Cloud (the setup will complete within 3 days). Meanwhile for larger of companies, they usually established hardware equipments, so they will plan the system conversion steps more carefully.

For Small-scale Company(30 and below)

DNS Configuration

For Medium &
Large-scale Company

Email Migration
Current Email System +
Google Workspace

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Is Google Workspace Training Course Available?

TS Cloud provides online classroom training courses in Chinese, English, and Japanese to allow all users can easily complete Google Workspace training.

Google Workspace Training Course

What are the Google Workspace Add-ons?

The built-in tool - Apps Script can be used to create scripts. With the integration between third-party tools and Google Workspace, it can become a powerful business tool in cloud.

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Google Workspace Customer Stories

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