A guide to check your Google Drive Storage and tips to increase storage.

Most people wonder, what is the maximum size for Google Drive and how to get unlimited storage when Google Drive Free Storage is exceeding its limit. Here,we have put together some useful tips on how you can check the Google Drive storage limit, how to clear Google Drive Storage, and how to increase your Drive storage.

Google Drive Storage Limit

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that lets you store all kinds of files, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Photos, etc., and share them with others. Moreover, you can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time to edit the files, and all the changes are automatically updated in the cloud.

Google Drive not only can store a large amount of data but also allows users to easily find the information they need at work. Although Google Drive can store a large number of files, there is a Google Drive storage limit that you need to take count of as the cloud storage is shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

What Is the Difference Between Google Drive Free Storage and Google Drive for Business?

The difference between Google Drive Free Storage and Google Drive for Business is that you can unlimited Google Drive Storage based on the editions you subscribe to.

Edition Google Official Price
(per user)
Personal Gmail Free 15GB
Business Starter USD6 30GB
Standard USD12 2TB*(shared)
Plus USD18 5TB*(shared)
Enterprise Essentials USD10 1TB(shared)
Standard USD20 5TB*
Plus USD30 5TB*

*Only valid for 5 users and above (1 TB of storage for less than 5 users).

The Google Drive Free Storage is Limited to 15GB.

Google Drive Free Storage is limited to 15 GB. If you want to increase the storage space, you have to make an additional purchase. The price of Drive storage varies by edition.

Google Drive for Business starts from 30GB

“If you purchase a Google Workspace account, you can use Google Drive for Business. For Business Starter, Google Drive storage limit is 30 GB per user, while Business Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Essentials is shared storage that can be shared by all users under the same domain.

For example, if 10 users subscribe to Business Plus, the company will have a total of 50 TB (10U x 5TB) of Google Drive Storage, instead of each user having 5TB of storage separately. For businesses that have different drive usage capacities depending on the user, storage space is not wasted and can be used more effectively.

In addition, Enterprise Standard and Plus have unlimited Google Drive storage when the subscription is for 5 users and more.

How to check Google Drive Storage Limit?

When using Google Drive, you can check the current usage status of the Drive. Here’s how you can do it:

Check the Google Drive Storage Limit

When you access Google Drive, you can view the storage limit used in the bottom left corner. To see all the files currently stored, click on “Storage”.

Check Used Storage of Google Drive

The “Drive Storage” page is provided by Google. On this page, you can check the used storage space of Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos.

How to clear Google Drive Storage?

If you are using Google Drive, you may be wondering if you can free up space, save new data, and increase the Google Drive storage. You can increase the Drive storage by organizing the files to have more storage space in Drive.

(1) Delete Unnecessary Data and Files

Delete unnecessary data in Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail to increase the drive storage limit. You can efficiently increase the storage limit by deleting large amounts of data. Remember to also permanently delete the data in your Trash folder as it also consumes the Google Drive space.

(2) Change the Storage Settings of Google Photos

Photos and videos stored in Google Photos are large and may use more Drive space than necessary, you can save them in the appropriate size to increase the storage space of your drive. In the settings, change the quality of your photos and videos from Original Quality to High Quality. By changing the upload size to high quality, you can reduce the file size while maintaining good image quality.

How to increase Google Drive Storage Limit?

If you’re facing insufficient Drive space even after deleting the files, you can increase the storage as follows.

(1) Upgrade Your Google Drive Plan

If you are using the Google Drive Free Storage from the free Google account, consider upgrading to a paid account. If you are using a paid account, you can upgrade to a higher edition to increase your storage space.

(2) Increase the Number of User Accounts

As the storage expansion option is not available for Business Standard and Business Plus, you can increase the number of user accounts to increase the Google Drive Storage. For example, a Business Standard user has 2 TB of storage, when a user account is added, another 2 TB can be used because the storage can be shared.

*Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus can have unlimited Google Drive storage if the subscription is for 5 users and more.

Purchase Google Workspace for Business

Google Workspace not only offers more Google Drive storage options, but also a variety of cloud office tools.

Free Account
Google Drive Storage 15GB 30GB 2TB(shared) 5TB(shared)
Business Gmail X V V V
Shared Drive X X V V
Meet Time Limit 1 hour 24 hour 24 hour 24 hour
Meet Participants Limit 100 100 150 500
Data Loss Prevention (DLP ) X X X V
Vault X X X V
Audit Logs X V V V
Cloud Search X X V V
Technical Support X V V V

If you would like to know more about the Google Workspace features comparison, please refer to the Features and Editions Comparison of Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Upgrade From the Free Version to the Paid Version

Google Workspace includes business email and an Admin Console to manage users and devices, helping companies avoid security risks. Google also offers support services. However, if you purchased from TS Cloud, Google Premier Partner in Malaysia, we provide support from pre-deployment to Go-Live and you will get a quick response from us on the phone to make your job easier.

Upgrade to a Higher Edition

Cloud Search (search and retrieval of information) and Google Vault (information governance and eDiscovery tool) are available for Business Standard and higher editions. These tools make Google Workspace more secure and convenient to use.

Google Workspace Offers More Drive Space

Cloud storage is shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Since the Google Drive storage limit for the free version is only 15 GB, you will have to regularly delete unnecessary data or adjust Google Photos storage settings to increase the Drive storage, which can be an inconvenience in your busy schedule. Perhaps you can consider upgrading to the paid version, as there are different editions available with unlimited Google Drive Storage as one of the options as needed. Switch to the Google Workspace edition that best suits your needs and use the Drive securely.


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