What are the payment methods?

We accept bank transfers (TT).
A direct transfer of RM192 or RM404 x no. of accounts

We have been buying directly from Google, how will the invoicing be handled should we be fulfilled thru your company?

Google will charge the fees you have used before the transfer, but we will pay for Google on the day of the transfer until the contract expires. The amount of the original bill before the transfer can be confirmed by calling Google Support.

We are using the Basic version currently. Should we upgrade to the Business version half way, how is the fee calculated?

As basic version user, you can upgrade to Business or Enterprise version at any point in time. We will refund the lower version unused period charge you the new version from the switch over date.

Should there be new tools and functions being added, how will the fees be charged?

If the G Suite license has not reached the purchase limit, it can be added directly. If it reaches the limit, it has to be purchased separately.
Additional accounts added during contract period shall be pro-rated and aligned to contract end date, rounded off to the full month.

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